Adventures in the white stuff

The most popular question I get for living in the middle of nowhere – “What do you do out there? Like for fun.” I used to scrunch my nose with an awkward stare, but with age I realize it isn’t that far fetched of a question for those who grew up in a urban setting. Considering our “mall” has more vacancies than actual stores, it isn’t where I spend my free time on a Saturday afternoon. The answer to this question changes with the season since the season often dictates the amount of work to be done outside of the office. So back to my answer – “I go outside”.  In the winter that consists of snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and once in awhile a sledding adventure to remind me of my age. My most recent outings have led me to moose. I can’t tell you how excited I was to actually see a moose out in my backyard. Come to find out, moose shed their antlers at the end of December-early January, coinciding with our back country adventures. I can’t remember the days spent watching TV or movies, but what I do recall are all the stories from adventures I have of getting outside. What is your favorite outdoor tale that you would like to share? I would love to hear below in the comments.

Oh and as of today, NW Colorado Yampa and White River Basins are sitting at over 140% of snowpack compared to normal. Good news to get out of the drought, but the winter is definitely taking a toll…. more on that to come. 

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